About the Symposium

Dear participants,

We are proud to announce that as the Faculty of Letters, we are organizing the 1st International Symposium on Modernization and Tradition in Language and Literature on October 4-6 2017, gathering the academics studying on Language and Literature to share their understanding of tradition and modernization in literature.

As it is known, the developments in political, social, economic, scientific, technical and cultural fields as a result of the Renaissance, Reformation and Enlightenment are called as modernization in the West, and it has the world under its effect.

If we take our country as an example, literature, especially in the modernization struggles started by the administrative class, becomes an effective tool for adopting the society to modernization since the 19th century. This process enables an atmosphere to understand modern language and literature on the one hand; on the other hand it also causes an understanding which considers modernization a break with the tradition. Therefore, the dichotomy of old-new which began as a reflection of the social and cultural life in language and literature continues its effect until now.

Different and colourful traditions, which were formed by the nations for ages under the effect of moral, cultural and national values, are the elements that keep the life of nations alive. Thus, the order, formation and prosperity of today and the future is impossible without traditions. Keeping ties with the tradition does not mean staying in the past, and modernization does not mean destroying the past as being old, either. The most important factor that ties the generations together is “continuing by changing, changing by continuing” in Ahmet Hamdi Tanpınar’s words. We are in the intention of presenting that the future cannot be created without tradition with the linguistic and literary works by reminding that tradition is the basic of modernization in all cultures.

By gathering the academics and intellectuals  who study languages and literatures all around the world, we expect the participations to discuss, share their understanding of methodology, theory, idea and art about traditional and modern language and literature from past to present, to produce modern methods and theories in language and literature that are fed by the tradition, to search for solutions for literary and cultural problems, propose solutions, find rational perspectives, to come to terms with a common point and coordinate our activities in the future study of language and literature. We would like to express our gratitude for hosting academics and intellectuals at Karabuk University which is very much close to Safranbolu – a UNESCO World Heritage City.

We thank our partners and participants for their contributions and interest; we hope that this academic activity will prove fruitful and beneficial results for all the participants.

The symposium will be organized in two ways. First, keynote speakers will deliver their papers in their field of expertise, and then sessions will ensue.

We are looking forward to your presence in the symposium.


Prof. Dr. Zeki TEKİN

President of the Organizing Committee